Trying to exist on £41 per week

We were contacted urgently by one of our agents because she’d just made a house call to a client to find him dressed, wearing two coats and wrapped in a quilt because he couldn’t afford to put his heating on. At the moment he is trying to exist on £41 per week benefits, which is clearly not stretching to where it needs to go. An application has been made to have his benefits reassessed and they are hopeful this will be soon. In the meantime, we sent him an amount to allow him to top up his energy meters and get some food.

We sent £80 to a lady who had previously been homeless and living on the streets, sheltering in a tent. She has now been provided with social housing and is trying to make it more of a home and less of an empty shell. She has managed to find some items, such as a bed and a sofa, but it was felt some other essential items could help considerably with her mental health.