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We are a group of over 50 volunteers who monitor our local communities, online forums and pages for people in dire need of financial help.  Our charity registration number is 1154117 and we are an entirely not-for-profit organisation with every penny (that’s every penny except PayPal fees!) received being donated to people in need. We have absolutely no paid staff and absolutely no ‘expenses’ (apart from executive HobNobs, which actually we fund from our own pockets – we are a Biscuit Fund after all.) At the time of writing we have raised and distributed around £150,000 to people in need. Yes, all of it has gone to people in need.

We do not accept direct applications for help.

This is because we never want to set out ‘criteria’ for those in need.  By watching online and in our local communities, we can see the struggles that people face, and can see the danger signs when someone is in real trouble.  Generally, we do pretty well with finding people in need, although we do realise that there are millions of people who really could do with an extra bit of cash.  Because there is always a tiny risk of unscrupulous people asking for help where it’s not needed, we decided very early on that we would have to remain a secret organisation.  Plus, if we accepted applications we would have mountains of paperwork to process.  We don’t like paperwork, and we don’t like to demoralise people by asking them to ‘prove’ their need.  Many of our cases take under four hours from start to finish. That’s from the moment the recipient is referred, to the moment they receive financial assistance. Read more about us here or here.


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