Evictions, sanctions and domestic violence

We helped a lady who through no fault of her own was evicted from her privately rented accommodation. She had to move at short notice and had costs that she was unprepared for, so had to take out advances which she is now paying back via deductions from her Universal Credit. This is leaving her without adequate money for food, gas or electric. Her next UC payment is not until November. Our agents are appealing the amount being deducted as it is putting her into hardship.

We covered the fee of some Debt Relief Order applications. One for a man who now has to be in a wheelchair as he is an amputee. This has left him with serious mental health issues and he is very isolated without family and friends around him. Another was for a lady who had been forced to take time off work following a stroke. She is now well enough to return to employment but has experienced so much debt while she was off work and not receiving a proper income.

We helped a man who had been previously street homeless. He’d been living in supported accommodation there and had been a good resident, but he has to move on this coming Monday. He has accommodation arranged, but without this small sum, he could find it all unravelling and him ending up on the streets again.

A young mum of a 12-month-old, plus another due in 11 weeks fled a domestic violence situation last week. Fortunately, she has a place to stay but was unable to take any toys or clothes for her and her child. When she tried to obtain some of those things they found that her ex had smashed the house up, and disposed of her and the baby’s belongings.

We sent £75 to a single mum of an 8-week-old baby, she is currently living with her father, who wants her and the baby to move out. She is currently training to become a hairdresser and is on a level three course in order to improve her future prospects. Her father is refusing to allow her to use the washing machine, so she is having to take their clothes and bedding to the launderette, which is not great with a small baby. She is currently being supported to find alternative accommodation for her and her child.

We sent £80 to a couple who are really struggling to keep their heads above water financially. They have been addressing some rent arrears but in order to do that they’ve left themselves short of money to buy food or top up their energy meters.

We helped a man who was sanctioned by the DWP for 65 days because he arrived late for an appointment at the jobcentre. He struggles to visit the food banks because he is vegan and very little is suitable for him to eat. We sent him some money to buy food, while his sanction is being appealed. We also sent some money to another man who was late for a jobcentre appointment, he’d been physically attacked, he was sanctioned by the DWP and left with £30 to live off for the entire month.

A man previously self-employed was admitted to hospital following a fall and diagnosed whilst there that he has cancer. He has had to give up his job and he and his wife are now really struggling financially. Our agents have advised him to submit a claim for Employment Support Allowance and have also applied elsewhere for financial assistance. We sent £100 to help them so they could buy some much needed food and top up their energy meters.