A few of our many cases

We sent a small amount to a lady who was admitted urgently to a refuge for her safety. She was allowed to bring her small dog but had no money with her at all. Our agents are going to be helping her to apply for benefits, but she was without money for a change of clothes or food for herself and her small dog.

We helped two young men, on separate occasions who found themselves without a place to live and urgently needed housing. As anyone else would be they had nothing to put into their accommodation, so we sent each of them £80 to put towards some essential items such as bedding, etc.

We sent £100 to a single mum with three children who had no food in the house. The mother had sold her bed, her furniture and her freezer to try to generate some money to cover her bills and food.

A request was made to us to help a single man who is ill himself and unable to work, yet helps to care for his son who was paralysed in a car accident. The father has got into debt just trying to survive and the stress of the debt is causing serious concern. Our agents asked if we could cover the cost of a DRO fee, which we agreed to do.

We sent £120 to a mother and daughter who are currently facing hardship due to the daughter having been diagnosed with cancer three years ago. She has finished the cancer treatments, however, she now faces months of several surgeries due to the treatment she received. The constant hospital visits and the time the mum has taken off work to take her to appointments has hit them hard and resulted in her employer terminating her contract.

A lady who is very seriously ill, has just been released from the hospital to find her flat had been broken into and that the energy has been shut off to her home, as she is in debt with her energy supplier. She’d been in her cold dark flat for two days before she approached our agents for help. We agreed to send her £80 to help her out so she could get her energy switched on again as a priority.

Finally, we sent £100 to a man who shares a home with his mother. The property they are housed in is in dreadful condition and has been flooded three times. The walls are falling down, and they have no kitchen. He’d been admitted to hospital over the weekend with breathing problems as the conditions were so bad. He’d also had to have his dog put to sleep as it developed serious breathing problems. The property is privately rented, but his landlord has gone away on a world cruise and is uncontactable. Our agents are trying to get the property condemned so that they can be rehoused. The property is so cold and has no heating, nor any food.