One Man and His Dog

This client, at age 49, has been left homeless after nursing his seriously ill mother until she passed away.  He rescued a dog from a group of youths who were intending to drown it in a local canal, and the person who referred him said that he puts the welfare of the animal above his own needs.  He also keeps an eye on a youngster who is also on the streets, just watching out for him they way people do, making sure that he stays safe…

We decided to send the lady who is assisting him £120, with £20 of that being earmarked for a warm, waterproof coat for the dog.  His helper is also enabling him to get a car, which he can live in and be dry, so he’s asked that the remaining £100 be put towards the cost of the vehicle.  Pre-loved by one owner, with 67,000 miles on the clock. fully serviced and chain driven rather than cam-belt, with tax, MOT and new tyres as required.  She is paying for the car for him as they have become fast friends.

We don’t let people like this client’s helper go if we can help it.  She’s now our latest member because she’s so amazing.