Forms and Deadlines Aren’t Always Right

We were introduced to this client while she was struggling to obtain back-payments due to her from – again! – the tax credits authorities.  Due to some family issues her forms had reached Concentrix too late and the claim had been stopped automatically.  She had £4.66 to her name, had borrowed from friends to keep going, and was in the position of having to repy those friends from the limited income that she has been receiving since the claim was re-started.  She had been waiting for the back-payment for seven weeks at this point in time.  As a mother of three, with one of her children registered as disabled, this was starting to overwhelm her resilience.  the system does not have enough flexibility to deal with the occasional hiccup that can occur when a disabled child needs extra attention and/or care.

We were glad to help her out with a grant of £150.