Ms H – Client Quote

Just to say a massive THANK YOU to TBF for the £50 received earlier today 29/10/13. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference this money will make to me and my family, I had an unexpected bill through my door that i could not afford. It was either pay it and Not eat or don’t pay it eat for now but have money put on top for court proceedings making it more than before and finding myself in the same position further down the line than I am now only owing more.  I can now say I have peace of mind knowing that i can just about make the payment now and we won’t starve. TBF is a fantastic thing and restored my faith in human nature that a group like this would help me when they did not really know me…you cannot buy what the TBF does.  It is so much more than just the money, it is peace of m ind and being able to hold my head up still in public.  I am so grateful I could go on for hours….but i won’….thank you thank you a thousand times thank you and then some <3 <3

You’re very welcome, Ms H.

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