Grandmother left without benefits

<p>A Grandmother in her early 50s who takes care of her Grandson full time had to give up working following a diagnosis of COPD and heart failure. &nbsp;She was in receipt of ESA, but was scored zero points at her assessment, despite being awarded PIP. &nbsp;Our agents were speaking to her on the phone and were trying to reassure her as she was in tears. &nbsp;She could apply for Job Seekers while she appeals the ESA decision but was very worried that her poor health would go against her. &nbsp;This was made worse by the fact that she had dipped into an unarranged overdraft, so when her PIP payment arrived in her account, she was hit by charges too, so she was still overdrawn. &nbsp;We agreed we would send across &pound;200 so she could clear the overdraft to prevent further charges and would leave her with some money to buy food for her and her Grandson. &nbsp;Our agents phoned her up to tell her our decision and she was in floods of tears on the phone.</p>

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