Mrs B – Client Quote

“I would like too say to you,THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ,for the help I got from you,when I needed it the most in my life,ive had 3 strokes,yet I was told to go back to work by dwp,I can’t get outside my front door on my own,haven’t since my first major stroke in 2004,because I couldn’t go to the work focus interview, I was sanctioned,left with NOTHING, no food,no electric,no gas, I was at the lowest point in my life i’ve ever been,untill you wonderful people,stepped in, sent me some food, , I was sitting here crying as to what my life had come to, then sat there crying because there was still some WONDERFUL people left in this world,THANK YOU SO SO MUCH ,I think what you do for people is beyond ANY words I could type here, I’ll never forget the feeling I got when I saw that food van pull up outside my house, EVER” – Ms B

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