S – Client Quote

“I would like to thank these kind people for the help they gave us when we were really struggling. I suffer from mental health issues and my partner had recently got a job on a zero hours contract. We had a six week wait for his first lot of wages, the Job Centre had signed him off and to top it off tax credits decided to stop our claim to do a recalculation. We had a boy starting reception class and a special needs child in secondary education as well as a toddler. We had scrimped and scraped to get us through but with it being the school holidays and needing school uniform we simply ran out of money. I was dreading having to phone the schools to tell them I had no uniforms, especially as I was a new parent to one of them.

Then at my lowest point I was approached by one of these lovely people and offered some financial help so that my children could have their uniforms and not look different to any other child on the first day of term. The relief, not just financially but emotionally took the biggest weight off my shoulders. These people are amazingly kind and totally non-judgemental and I am so grateful for their help and kindness.” – S

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