Man wins job but risks losing his home

A man, originally from Zimbabwe, has been living and working here in the UK for the past 5 years.  His last contract ended and this has left him unemployed.  Unfortunately he needs to apply for settled status to be able to claim any benefits at all, and the cost of applying for  this status is almost £2,500.  His rent has fallen desperately into arrears as he has been unable to pay this, not being able to access any housing benefit payments.  His landlord has applied for an eviction order, which will likely be granted, plus he has some of his possessions in storage, but that too is in arrears and he is unlikely to have these items returned to him.  He has found employment which commences in 2 weeks time, however once he starts work, he is unlikely to be paid for another month.  We sent him £120 so he could buy food over the next few weeks.