Vulnerable woman financially abused by her own family

We had an urgent request to help a very vulnerable disabled woman who has many physical disabilities which have been present since birth.  She lives with her family, but her physical conditions means she can only walk a few steps.  If she asks her family to buy her some food, they will do that, but when they take her debit card they withdraw cash for themselves from the cashpoint.  Also they use her motability vehicle without her permission and frequently leave it without petrol.  Their behaviour towards her has left her without any money to buy any food.  Our agent when they visited saw she had an empty fridge and there was no money on the electricity meters, plus her car was parked some distance away so this lady would have been unable to access it.  She is still waiting for a family member to return her debit card to her.  The stress of this, plus the fact that the lady is in debt is causing her mental health to fail her.  Our agents are applying for safeguarding for this lady as it is clear she is being abused by her own family and she is not safe.  We agreed to send her £100 and are currently working with our agents to get the money to her safely.