Man offered chance to move out of homeless accommodation

A man who has been in a homeless shelter for some months has finally been offered the opportunity to move into accommodation of his own.  The downside to this is that as he is only on a very basic level of benefits he does not have the resources to be able to put down the mandatory deposit of £73 to secure the property.  He is desperate to secure a place to live so that he can then begin to apply for work.  We were asked if this is something we could help with.  We agreed it is not something we usually do but knowing the back story, which sadly we can’t share here, we agreed to help.  We also offered a little bit extra so he could buy a few extra bits and pieces, sending him £120 in all.  We received an email later that date from our agents saying the following:

Thank you so much again, you have gone above and beyond. XXX will be delighted with the news as he will be signing for the property tomorrow so the deposit means he can secure it. The extra money is just unbelievable, thank you so much, it will put to good use by XXX.