Help needed for Army Veteran

Our help was requested for a man who is an Army Veteran, left with PTSD, which has impacted and caused the breakdown of his relationship, leading to homelessness.  He has been living in homeless accommodation but finds the noise and the fact that it is crowded quite overwhelming.  He is not allowed visitors at his accommodation and his children and friendship circle are in another area, leaving him feeling quite isolated.  He has been waiting for some time for suitable accommodation to be found for him.  Permission was sought that he could maintain his place at the shelter, but when things got too much that he could stay overnight with a friend.  Whilst visiting a friend in his accommodation he spoke to the landlord of the property who has agreed to let one of his places to him privately.  His tenancy begins at the end of August and he will need to equip it with a bed, white goods, furniture, crockery etc.  We agreed to send him £150 to go towards items he might need.