Man living in a tent in the woods needs help

We became aware of a young man who is currently living in a tent in the woods, he suffers with mental health issues and is at present unable to access any services as everything tends to be online now.  Our agent asked if we could help him.  It seems members of the local community are looking out for him and taking him things now and again but he is really stuck without a phone.  We agreed to purchase a small inexpensive phone that would allow him to use WIFI to access the internet free of charge at local hotspots.  We also arranged to send over £80, which was spent on the phone,  £20 in credit for the phone and the remaining £35 in cash, which was delivered to him, along with a personal gift from our agent of some new socks, a can of deodorant and some wet wipes.  He was really thrilled and quite shocked at the gift.