Homeless MS sufferer had his motorised wheelchair stolen

Our client is a homeless man who is currently staying in very temporary accommodation, and is without his motorised wheelchair that was stolen from him two months ago. He has been using a borrowed manual chair, but is unable to propel himself around in this and relies heavily on other homeless people to push him around. Most are okay, but some are not and take advantage of him, by pushing him in his chair to say the cash-point, but then demanding he gives them a loan from his disability benefit payment, which he feels obliged to give them. He is also pushed to places, then abandoned when the person pushing him becomes drunk and this is where our agent found him, stranded in his manual chair, baking in this heat. She got him to safety and approached us for a contribution towards a replacement for him, a motorised scooter with a tracking and security device on it to prevent it being stolen again. The impact of him losing his chair has been enormous and he has deteriorated so much. We agreed to send across £200 towards this. Our agent secured a grant from a local organisation, and a new motorised scooter will be purchased for him to give him his independence back. A secure place has been found for it to be stored when it is not in use or is being charged.

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