An Escape From Abuse

This client suffers from severe depression, having been mentally abused by her alcoholic husband for months.  He was removed from the family home by the police, after urinating all around the bedroom in an alcoholic rage, just hours before we were introduced to her.  She has now left him and the two children are with her.

Understandably, this client has very deep trust issues and was unwilling to let us have the bank details that we need in order to transfer monies to her.  Luckily we have a brilliant negotiator in our Founder, and she was able to convince the client to trust us.

£150 was transferred to this client, to help her get onto her feet now that she’s going to have to be a single mum.  She went from being totally exhausted and feeling that she had no-oine to turn to in the world, to seeing that there are people out here who care and who were not about to let her down, even if we start off as complete strangers.

She sent us a message: “Uve have saved me from feelin like a let down to my kids I didn’t have no where to turn and thanks to u and the charity I’m feeling blessed for the help xxxx