Family broken apart by domestic violence

A mother of three is having to live apart from her children at the moment as one is with the child’s grandmother, and two others are currently in foster care.  This is due to domestic violence within the house and the Police are now involved and will arrest immediately if the father goes near the property.  She had to move away briefly for safety reasons but has now returned to find that everything in the house has been smashed up.  She is in a mess financially as has debts with her housing provider, as well as council tax, etc.  As she needs so much and it is hopeful that the children will be able to return home soon we agreed to send her £200  with a view that if she can be persuaded to apply for a Debt Relief Order, then we would be prepared to cover the cost of that too.  Our agents say that currently she is not in the right headspace to be able to deal with applying for a DRO on top of everything else she currently has going on.