Baby with special needs puts a drain on family resources

A family are struggling to cope with the needs of their baby born with special needs.  He has a cleft palate and lip and is currently awaiting corrective surgery.  He has to be bottle fed and so far they are managing with the small bottles they were gifted by the hospital but going forward as his feeds are bigger they are going to need specialist larger bottles which they cannot afford.  The family currently live in a former office block on a working trading estate, that has been converted into housing. They exist financially on Universal Credit.  They are trying to play catch up with their arrears and are also having to pay to travel to hospital for the frequent visits.  The bottles they need to buy are £20 for a pair and they need a few of them to cope with his constant feeding, as well as the specialist teats which are £3.50 each.  They also need to purchase some other essential items such as nappies, etc.  We agreed to send the famly £150 to buy the bottles and teats they need, as well as to put towards other essentials they need to buy.