Entering 2020

Hopefully, you all had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year if you celebrate. The Biscuit Fund monitored the emails over the holiday period just in case there was an urgent request, which there were and fortunately, we were able to help during that window when most other agencies are closed.

Since we’ve been back we have had lots of requests for help with energy costs as the weather has turned colder and people are struggling to repay amounts owing to energy companies and still have enough left over to top up the meters so they can keep their home warm, or have the energy available to cook their meals. Food from foodbanks is great, but if when you get home your gas or electricity isn’t working because of insufficient credit on the meters, it won’t matter how much food you have. When the weather is cold and wet it is important to have a hot meal, at least once a day, so food and fuel will always be our priority ahead of all other requests.

One family we helped got in touch and left us an email following a request to help them from a third-party. We have had to edit some of the information for personal reasons, but most of what they said is below. It is being able to help people when they are least expecting it is wonderful.

Today in the darkest of times I received XXX. I had never heard of the biscuit fund until today. Someone I know had put my name forward which I didn’t know about. I had £2 change left and it was a toss-up between buying bog roll or milk. With 3 kids this really massively helped at a rough time. When I am back on my feet I would like to donate some pennies. Won’t be huge amounts but hopefully help towards someone else like it has helped me. Amazing job thank you. Forever grateful.