It’s February already!

Well, we raced through January here at The Biscuit Fund and before our feet could hit the ground we were in February. Throughout January we helped out lots of families that had exhausted their visits to their local food bank or were sat in cold homes in the freezing weather, shivering without money to top up their gas and electricity meters. The thought of there being anyone going cold and hungry is something we try very hard to avoid happening. We can’t help everyone and some requests don’t fit our aims and objectives, which is to offer a crumb of hope at a time where it might feel like the whole world is against you. (Examples of what we can’t help with are things like school uniforms, furniture, carpeting, etc, and you would be surprised at how many times we do get requests for these items.)

For those we do say yes to, we often get a small message of thanks, saying that our help arrived just as they felt they had nowhere left to turn, or they are living completely alone without the support of friends or family. One such comment is below:

“Thanks to you and your team. This kindness will make such a massive difference in J’s journey. Both J and I, wish you all the very best for the future and hope you continue making differences in people’s lives,
Thank you. “

These comments keep us doing what we do, just to know that what we are doing does make a difference.