When a tiny charity suddenly becomes slightly famous (or maybe just better well-known)

It has been a very interesting week for us here, in our tiny group that is the Biscuit Fund. Mention was made of our name last week and a little bit about what we do. This was lovely, however, it also alerted other groups and organisations of our existence and we have been (virtually of course) holding back the door against what seems like a relentless stream of new enquiries. We don’t always say yes, so application is not a given of success, it very much depends on the application as each one is looked at separately.

This week has seen us helping so many people and engaging with many new organisations, which has had its moments as they get to grips with our system of referring. We have though had many new people join us as regular donors to the Biscuit Fund, as well as individuals wanting to help and making significant individual donations. So the exposure in the press was also beneficial.

I cannot begin to tell you the numbers of people we have made small grants to in just the past few days with your help. Families that have lost everything in a house fire, young children without warm clothing, pensioners sat in freezing cold houses, your donations have helped them. You’ve helped put food on people’s tables, and by food, I don’t mean extra food for Christmas which so many others are buying just now for the holiday season. This is day to day food, just to exist. One lady we helped, literally had pennies left in her purse.

So if this Christmas if you would like to help us, and maybe send something to help us help others with some food shopping or to top up someone’s energy meter, as always our donation page can be found here. If you would rather not donate via Paypal and would prefer to set up a standing order, then please contact us via here.