All move for a family of eight!

We were approached about a desperate situation, a family with six children (possibly a blended family) that had been evicted from their home and made homeless. They’d been temporarily housed in a tiny flat up on the 14th floor of a high rise block of flats, and had been supported in that move of home by the council. Now though they’ve been offered more suitable and long term housing, in a first floor flat big enough for their needs. This is brilliant but they had no way to move their larger items of furniture, in fact, they’ve been relying on food banks for food for the eight of them as they are applying for Universal Credit and there is a huge waiting period until any money is received. We sent across £250, £100 of which to help with the moving costs, the rest for food for them all.

We received an email on behalf of them, they said : “Thank you so much that is amazing!” 6 children and 2 very grateful parents say a massive thank you to all at the biscuit fund I hope their luck is finally changing.

Then this update: The family are now moving as we speak I haven’t seen the mother smile since I first met the family until today it’s so nice to know there are people who care when all appears so hopeless.
We sincerely, at The Biscuit Fund, hope that their luck will be changing for the better.