Just a few from the past three days!

We sent some money to a young mum and her baby after they’d had to flee their family home following domestic abuse. She stayed briefly with her parents but the abuser followed her there and ended up causing damage to the home. The local domestic violence team are supporting her into moving to her own property but she had nothing so has to start over again.

A man who has been long-term unemployed is struggling to manage on the £73.10 he receives each week which must cover all his bills and his food. His washing machine has broken and he is having to travel to a laundrette to get his clothes washed and dried which is causing him hardship and not leaving him with sufficient money for food. So we sent him a small grant that he can use to put towards getting a refurbished washing machine.

We sent £30 to a lady who has been out of work for a long time. She is in a huge amount of debt and struggling to cope. She has though managed to secure an interview for a voluntary role which has a strong possibility of it leading to employment. She does not have anything suitable to wear so we sent her some money to do some charity shop shopping to get what she needs.

A mother and her four children have had to flee their family home due to domestic violence and declare themselves homeless. Accommodation has been found for them, however, because she has refugee status it is delaying getting her benefits sorted out. In the meantime, they need money for food, warm clothes for the children, and basics like cups and plates. We also sent money to a man who had finally been given a place to live, but being unemployed and on probation is struggling to manage and was faced with being in a home with nothing in it.

A lady who lost her husband last year is struggling to cope with three adult children, who all for various reasons (mental and physical health) depend on her for support, both physically and financially. She is struggling with debt and our agents are assisting her with applying for a debt relief order, however, she is currently unable to afford to put the heating on and one of her children has just been released from the hospital and needs to be kept warm. We sent the family £100 to buy food and top up their energy meters.

A man with severe mental health problems who has been street homeless for some time has been offered a place to live, and his 12-year-old son has been placed in his care by the boy’s mother. The father has not been in receipt of benefits for a while and this is now being addressed. They have very little in their flat and the local organisations are seeking to address this. In the meantime though, they need some money for essentials, so we sent them £80.

Money was sent to a man who has been street homeless but was admitted to hospital with sepsis and put into an induced coma. While in hospital he lost a lot of weight and is now recovering sufficiently that he has been released. However, although he has accommodation to go to, following the intervention of his son to ensure he wasn’t released back to the streets, he was in desperate need of some winter clothing and footwear, as all he had was well past its best.