Goodness me, we did it!



Yesterday we hit a milestone, a huge milestone for us. We have to date given away over half a million pounds, that is £500,000.  This has meant we have been able to help so many individuals and families that are sat in the dark, worrying about the food going off in their fridge or freezer, because they have no money to top up their electricity meter, this happened recently with a couple who were afraid to ask for help.  The young girl who has fled her family home because she faces domestic abuse from her father.  The mother who has fled with her children and has no money to get through the next day, let alone how she will manage long-term.  The young man, suddenly homeless and nowhere to go, or food to eat.  Our grants are small, granted the once only per person and are for food and to top up gas and electricity meters only.  We used to offer help with larger items but with the cost of living crisis we agreed food and fuel had to come first every time.  All our funding comes from donations, from individuals who want to help in some way. They do that via one-off donations and some give to us regularly, boosted by gift-aid.  We are grateful for every single penny donated to us as it all goes to help others that are looking into empty fridges and cupboards, going without meals so their children can eat.  We can do better than this, will you join us and help out, be a part of what we do.  There’s room for you in the biscuit tin.