Tax Credits Strike Again

We heard about a mum of four, with two of her children living with her and two away, who had been wrongly accused of having a new partner living with her.  Instead of working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, the ever-compassionate authorities (*SNORT*) were more content to drive her round and round from pillar to post, loading ever more paperwork upon her – paperwork that she has trouble understanding due to mental health issues.  Her Community Psychiatric Nurse was assisting her as much as possible but the paper swamp was still overwhelming her.

Some friends had started up a crowdfunder for her, to try and raise £150 to get her through, but the way the authorities were behaving suggested that this would not be sufficient.

We therefore matched what the crowdfunder had raised, which was £147, rounded our own figure up to £150 and our contact was able to release the dam that was holding back a flood of tears as the relief felt by this client became almost palpable even to those of us who weren’t in direct communication.

What we do really does turn people’s lives around, but more than that it lets them know that they are not alone in a totally uncaring world.  We call it “a crumb of hope” and for very many of our clients it really is the difference between sinking and swimming – not just financially but emotionally as well.

We can do our work because of the money that generous, selfless donors provide.  If you have been, or are currently being, a donor to TBF, please feel genuinely proud of what you help us to achieve because without you we wouldn’t be able to continue achieving it.  If you’re visiting the site today and are wondering if you should donate to us, this case is one of hundreds, all listed in this blog in various ways, that show what a massive difference you could make to someone who has bee led to feel that their world is ending.

Absolutely nobody in TBF, not even the directors, takes any kind of personal income from the donations that we receive.  Every single penny goes to those who are in desperate need.  Whatever you give us will always be used for what you intend it to be used for – subsistence relief for those who have almost nothing in this, the sixth richest nation in the world today.