Man with ulcerated legs walking the streets

Our agent told us of a homeless man who had lost his award of Employment Support Allowance and with it his housing benefit, so was evicted from his home. He came to her attention when he stayed with a homeless project over the Christmas period. It turns out he has extremely ulcerated legs from standing and walking constantly. In fact the two nights he stayed at the Christmas homeless shelter was the first time in 3 months he had slept laying down. He’s spent the last 18 months sleeping rough in a church porch. He had fought, with the assistance of a local to him advocacy group, to get his ESA reinstated, but his local authority were unprepared to help him with housing to get him off the streets, and the advocacy group closed down. Our agent, with the help of the Christmas Homeless Project, managed to find somewhere for him to live, that will be prepared to accept housing benefit for the rent. We were glad to help out with the £200 necessary to cover the deposit. Hopefully he will now be able to be somewhere safe and warm, where he can begin to recover.