Making a difference, albeit a small one, one case at a time.

We were asked to help a young man this week. His relationship had broken down and he’d found himself in a house with a monthly rent that was not sustainable with just one lot of money coming in. He had been advised to apply for a local authority home but didn’t know where to begin. This is where our contact came in. They will help him with this. He does work, but as his wages are so low, he receives a Universal Credit top-up.  However, because the bills he has, it is impossible for him to manage. He turned up at our contacts office today to ask for a food parcel as he didn’t have any money at all. They could oblige, but the food parcel wasn’t going to be available until later in the week when the foodbank was next open. In the meantime he had nothing. Our contact approached us to ask if we could help with a small one-off grant so he could buy some food. We said yes, and transferred the small amount to him. Our contact told us, “This will help X immensely, it is just so sad that people who are working have to come to this now. He was so humble and quite destitute when he came into the office yesterday. We really appreciate everything you are doing to help these people. Thank you.” We replied, “We were glad we could help, even if it is just this one time. Sometimes, just the idea that someone believes in you enough to want to help, even a small amount, can be so much more than just the money, it is the hope it gives people.”