Food bank running low on food!

We were made aware of a food bank which was struggling to have food available to give as donations following the closure of a supermarket near to them that had a collection point for their customers to leave any donations they wanted to make. The closure of the store meant that there was now not an obvious point for people to leave their donations, and the next available store, which is one of the main ones, doesn’t appear to be allowing for a collection point in their store. One of our team went and did a physical shop and dropped off just over £150 worth of food to them, canned, packets and non-perishables.

If you have a food bank near to you, it might be worth finding out where the drop off points for food are and get the word out there among your community. So even if you are unable to help out yourself, the person you tell about it, might be able to. Or maybe you could become involved with your local food bank and see what can be done with the stores local to you, to either donate food, or allow a collection box for donations in their stores. Often stores aren’t always sure of what to do and it takes someone coming in and asking them about it to get the ball rolling.