Bedroom Tax

 was forced to move from her long term home that she had lived in and raised her family because with the bedroom tax she could no longer afford to live there. She is now a pensioner and living in a one bedroom flat, and has given up the garden she loved. Unknown to her, there wasn’t a transition with the council with her changeover from one property to the next, so she discovered she was in arrears over rent. She is a born worrier and what we have discovered is that she has paid that bill with her pension when it arrived but it has meant that until a week on Monday (7th September) she has no money for food, so will have nothing until then. Her only family is her son and two grandsons, but the son is on JSA, so he is not in a position to help.

We provided this Client with £100 to see her through, food-wise, until her next pension payment.