Agent with three cases that needed our help

We were approached about three separate men that each needed some help.  Two of the men had got themselves into so much debt that they were struggling to see a way forward.  The first man is a father of two children who live with his ex partner.  He is being hounded by bailiffs and unable to cope.  The second man has been left in a lot of debt after his partner who he was a carer for was admitted to a nursing home where they subsequently died.  He has been left in a lot of debt, with money owed to the nursing home.  Both men were in need of the application fee for the cost of a debt relief order, which we were prepared to cover.

The third man has recently been released from prison and found in his absence the debts have been mounting up.  The repayments are being deducted from his Universal Credit, along with repayments for a budgeting loan and UC advanced payment.  He is unable at the moment to top up his energy meters or buy any food, so we agreed to send him £75 to allow this to happen.