A long overdue post!

It is incredibly heartening to get this kind of feedback from an external referrer and it just goes to show how sometimes even a small amount of money is enough to create a cascade of good luck and positivity. X received £50 from us. We love our work!


“I just thought you would like an update on a case that you helped with recently.  

With the financial help that you provided, X managed to stay on the caravan site until the end of the month which was her next pay date, and paid her next months bills up front. Being able to have access to utilities, and keep a roof over her head, meant X could keep her new job; even the simple things like washing herself and her uniform daily would have been impossible without your help.  

X has engaged with the local housing team to obtain social housing. Her complex issues mean she is seen as priority need, although there is a long wait list for 1 bed properties which would have kept her in insecure housing for some years. As X was able (with your help) to keep her job, she is considered eligible on grounds of affordability for a 2 bed property, and is likely to be housed within a few weeks.

X, understandably, is delighted at how her life has tuned around, and would like you to know how much she appreciates your help at a time where it meant so much.

Once again, our grateful thanks for all that you do.”