Helping those most affected by poverty in Britain today.

We are a small group who operate almost solely online, keeping a watchful eye on help forums and pages for people in dire need of financial assistance.  We were first formed in very early 2013 and by 2019 we had managed to raise and distribute around £150,000 to people in poverty, be it fuel poverty, food poverty or any other kind of poverty.  The target we have set ourselves is to raise and distribute over £1m. A large number of our recipients are actually working families, who are simply finding that the money they earn just doesn’t cover the food/heating bills.  We have also aided disabled people who have been declared ‘fit for work’, who have been left with no income and no job prospects, as well as folk who have been victims of crime in the form of muggings or theft. We are grateful to various police services for their assistance in getting donations to these people.

We operate entirely anonymously, as it was decided early on that we did not wish to have any set ‘criteria’ for help.  The idea of giving potential recipients long forms to fill in to prove their need is galling to say the least, and would go against our belief system. For this reason our agents monitor various online sources for people who we believe to be in dire need, and put them forward anonymously to the other agents for their suggestions on how best we can help.  To avoid the risk of being defrauded, and because we have such limited funds, we offer only one-time donations and our identities are kept anonymous.  We do not accept direct applications for help.

Although we hand out cash, the Biscuit Fund is primarily an exercise in hope. Most of our 50+ agents have experience of poverty themselves and know how demoralising and frankly depressing poverty can be, and how a small helping hand can restore faith in humanity.  We offer small cash donations or occasionally online food orders (if the recipient’s bank account is overdrawn), that give needy folk just a little helping hand when they need it most, without making them feel humiliated or making them wait in line.  Sometimes all that is needed is £20 to top up the electricity meter, or sometimes a larger bill has to be handled to avoid the client being visited by bailiffs. Frequently we find ourselves paying for food as recipients are often found to be missing meals to feed their children, and haven’t had a square meal themselves in days.  

This is what we do. We love it. We believe in it. We believe in giving people just a tiny bit of hope.