Woman needs urgent help after bank closes account over fear of fraudulent activity by a third party

We were urgently contacted today, asking help for a lady who has had her bank account closed by her bank as they claim that there has been fraudulent activity on her bank account by a third party. She is on Universal Credit, and has been assisted in submitting a claim for DLA for her children, and PIP for herself. Her doctor has issued her with a food voucher, so she can at least get some food for her and the children. The agents when applying for PIP on her behalf, asked that she be assessed at home as she is extremely anxious, however this has been declined. She has to attend an assessment centre tomorrow, and although they have agreed they can refund her costs in getting there, they won’t do this for at least 14 days, so has no money to get to the centre. We agreed to cover the money she needed to get there, so sent across £30, so if there is anything left over she can put that towards some food.