Wheelchair user and homeless on the streets

A young man in his 30s crossed our radar today. His back and pelvis is smashed, he is incontinent and a wheelchair user. The bag he uses to help with the incontinence is leaking, which is causing him distress. Our agent is sourcing a replacement bag for him to use, however he was absolutely desperate for some warm clothing. We sent across £110, and with the help of the agent, a warm coat, thermals, teeshirts, jumper, pants and socks were purchased, along with some toiletries to help him stay clean. Packs of wipes are useful for when he is unable to access washing facilities. Our agent, who stated how shocked she was at his condition, being a wheelchair user and living rough too, she would access help for him to try to get him to a place of warmth and safety.
It has been so cold, so these warm clothes will help him stay a bit warmer tonight. Also hopefully, some accommodation can be found, as living on the streets is unsuitable for anyone, especially someone totally dependent on a wheelchair.

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