Washday blues

This lady that we helped had been taken advantage of by her violent and controlling ex husband when he encouraged her to claim for some benefits she was not entitled to. The DWP caught up with her and she was interviewed under caution where she admitted what had happened but that she had no idea she was not entitled. She trusted her husband to have made the correct claim. He disappeared as soon as the money dried up. She has spent the past 8 years repaying this money each week from her benefits. Our agents have arranged with the DWP to lower the weekly repayments as she was only being left with £18.50 per week once the DWP repayments are made and she has covered her bills. This lady suffers with Crohn’s disease which means that she needs to follow a special diet which she struggles to afford. She also needs to wash her bedding and clothes frequently, as when she becomes stressed she soils these. Her washing machine, that she relied on, had broken beyond repair and she was unable to afford to use the launderette. Our agents had tried many places to secure a grant to purchase a new machine, but to no avail. So we offered to send her £250 so that a new machine could be purchased, delivered and installed for her.

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