Victims of Crime

We are extremely grateful to police forces in both Bristol and Rotherham for their assistance in getting donations to two elderly ladies mentioned in a recent article in The Mirror.  Both forces were friendly and efficient, and were instrumental in getting cash donations to both of the victims mentioned in the article.  We sent a letter along with our donations, and received warm thanks from both ladies, as well as a wonderful email from a police officer in Rotherham who wanted to tell us what a great job we are doing.  Here’s what we sent to each lady:


We are a small UK registered charity, who were deeply saddened to read that you were a victim of such a callous crime recently.  We wanted to write to you with a small donation in the hope that this may alleviate your immediate financial loss and may go some way to reassuring you that although there are bad apples out there, there are many whose hearts have been touched by your ordeal.

We understand that in situations such as this one, it is not so much the loss of money, but more the shock of how horrible some people can be.  We hope this small donation, and the fact that all of our 40+ members are thinking of you, will go some way to helping you recover from your awful experience.

Please note that we do not wish this donation to be returned to us.  It is a gift to you, which we hope will aid your recovery.

Please accept our love, thoughts and very best wishes.

The Biscuit Fund

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