Two requests for help we assisted with

The following are just a couple of the cases we have helped so far this week.

We were approached about helping a young man who is suffering with mental health issues and in order to be as successful as possible with his application and approval for Employment Support Allowance he needs a letter from his doctor which would interpret his mental health issues.  The problem is that there is a charge for this, which the man cannot afford as every penny he receives is taken up by bills, etc.  We agreed between us to send him £100 so he is able to get his much needed letter and have some money to go towards buying some food.

We also helped a family, comprising a mother and her daughter who have been subjected to domestic violence for some time, and are currently being helped by Children’s Safeguarding Services.  The daughter is so traumatised that she refuses to be left with anyone other than her Mother, or when she is at school.  This has had a negative impact on the family financially, especially as the mother is now divorced and is struggling to keep them both afloat.  They have spent the past six months without a cooker or a washing machine.  A friend has helped them source a washing machine but we were asked if we could help them out.  We agreed we would send them £100 to help them out.