Some Valuable Feedback from You!

We featured in an article in The Guardian on the 2nd of January this year, see this link to view the article. Whenever our name is mentioned in the press this has a wonderful affect, as it makes people aware of us who might not have known about us before. We find we get a nice flurry of donations to help fill the coffers with much needed and valuable funds. Now and again we get a brief message that is sent along with a request to pay using a system other than Paypal. Here are some of them, for obvious reasons we have removed any names to protect doner’s privacy.

I would like to donate to the Biscuit fund. I do not want to use paypal. Could you send me details of the bank account number and/ or your address to send a cheque. I read about the biscuit fund in a Guardian article . Like many people I know something of how easy it is to spiral downwards into poverty – and your blog entries show how meeting a need at a critical time can make such a difference. Great to read about the work you are doing. Heart breaking to read how so many people, families , children are at risk and suffering. What happened to the “welfare state”?

Hi, can you please provide bank details so that I can donate (I don’t like Paypal). For info, I came across TBF on a comment on a Guardian article just now. You’re clearly doing fantastic work and I would like to contribute. I just don’t like Paypal! Thank you.

£50 donation. You helped me when I had nothing: I bought thermals and a warm winter coat. Thank you so much. Best wishes and love.

A friend told me about today’s guardian article. your work is simple and amazing. As I sit and do my tax return, you brought me back to the hard reality of life for some people – and hastened me to my Paypal account to send you £100 +GA (gift aid) Good luck with all you do in 2017

Seeing the link to The Biscuit fund in the Guardian has lifted my spirits knowing there are good people out there, and I have sent a link to anyone I know who might be interested.

So thank you from us all, because without your essential donations we would be unable to help people out the way we do. Every single penny of the money that is raised goes to help others. We donate all our time and operate online, so have no offices or overheads. We are just a group of like-minded individuals who came together to try to show some kindness to people at a time when it feels like the whole world is against you.

Offering a crumb of hope!

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