Some feedback, we’ve received

This morning we received this email from one of our regular contacts, this was a complicated case involving a family that has found themselves on very hard times, much worse than they could ever have expected. It is nice to receive this, but sad that our help was necessary. We are overwhelmed just now with requests for our assistance. If you are reading this and can help us help others, then please consider making a regular donation by going here.

“I spoke to the client yesterday and he was extremely grateful for the financial support. When I told him about the £50 he sobbed. He told me £50 is like £50,000 to his family at the moment and called us all angels and said he was thankful there were still kind people in the world.

I just wanted to feed this back to you as it really touched me yesterday. Would you please feed this back to the team & funder? The work you’re doing is really making a difference.

Thanks very much.

Kind Regards”