Single mum of four in debt

A mother of four children, ranging in age from 11 years to 20 months.  Her eldest child is disabled and needs extra care. She currently does not receive any extra support with the children, but now social services have become involved to offer her some help/respite care.  She is in receipt of benefits but because of over-payments she currently has a large chunk of her money deducted, leaving her with income support of £50 to last them all a fortnight, and all her child benefit (she doesn’t receive any child benefit for the youngest child in line with the new regulations) goes to a credit union.  She is struggling and not coping well at all.  Our agents have referred her for some urgent debt advice and we suggested that she is supported in making an application for a debt relief order, and we would cover the cost of that.  We also sent her a biscuit boost of £60 to be used to get some food for them all and top up her energy meters.