Single Mum in dire straits

We were contacted about a single Mum with two teenage, disabled children. Her eldest son had failed to be awarded PIP when he transitioned from Disability Living Allowance, when he failed to attend a medical, which they claim they were not informed about. The knock on of this though is that the failure to have PIP in place has meant that the carers allowance his mum was receiving has been stopped. In an effort to help, the eldest son has tried to find some employment, but so far he has only been able to get some occasional work on zero hours contracts. Their local authority believes he is earning more than he is, so they are applying a very high non-dependant charge. If all this wasn’t enough, her landlord has applied to have them evicted, and the lady’s ex husband is now refusing to pay the child maintenance payments. So this family have been left in a huge mess. This lady had been hoping to somehow give her two children as normal a Christmas as possible, but now didn’t even have enough money to buy food, in fact all she had was £14 to feed three people and put money on the gas and the electricity. We agreed a sum of £250, and sent that across. She told us she was crying as she was so amazed at the help she’d received.

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