Moving home

Our agents contacted us about a single mum, 28 years old, with two children, 10 and 4. The youngest has recently been diagnosed with Autism and they have moved into a property that allowed him to have his own bedroom. This mum has no family support as her own mother was/is a drug user and she has had no contact with her for 17 years. She had to give up her job, which she enjoyed, to care for her youngest and was desperately in need of some items for the children’s rooms. She needed quilts and bedding for their beds and curtains for their rooms. The youngest suffers with incontinence due to his disability, so she needed a new mattress for him, as well as some form of mattress protection. She had taken out a social fund loan to help her and the repayments for this would soon begin, so she was already disadvantaged financially. We sent across £200 to cover all of this, so she could purchase what she needed.

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