Man due Universal Credit payment of 81p

A man who was previously on Universal Credit found himself a job which was okay for two months, but sadly that job ended.  He was paid his last wage and it seems that Universal Credit think he was paid more than he actually was, so by the time they’d deducted what they believed to be his wages, it left him with a UC payment of 81p for the month.  He is unable to apply for an advanced payment as he had already claimed that when he first went on to UC, and he is in fact making the repayments for the advance payment at the moment.  He currently has no job, no money and is only due to receive 81p from UC, so he is really in a predicament.  He won’t be due another UC payment until the 3rd of August, so is unable to manage until then.  We agreed to send him £100.  Our agents are trying to get his UC payment corrected, and have sent copies of his pay slips so that they can see how much he was actually paid, compared to what was reported to have been paid.