It has been a busy week

We have had a really busy week. We don’t blog every case that we deal with, but we do share some of them. These are a few.

We helped a lady with some money towards travel costs for hospital appointments. Normally her mother helps out and drives her to places she is unfamiliar with, and she is unable to travel via public transport, but her mother lives out of the UK several months at a time. The lady was given advice about being able to use hospital transport and also that she could claim back her costs if she is in receipt of qualifying benefits, but all that takes time. So we sent across a small amount so that she could make the first few journeys without having to wait and shift her appointments.

A lady who had her benefits payments stolen from her by a visitor to her home. This left her without any money to top up her energy meters or buy food, and her next payment is not due until the end of this month.

A man who was employed as a carer for 26 years, had a breakdown 3 years ago and lost his job. He was diagnosed with extreme depression and developed an alcohol problem. He has been engaging with a local support program and is getting his alcohol abuse under control. He desperately needed money to buy some food and top up his meters.

A man recently released from hospital who presented himself to our agents needing their help. His mental health is really suffering due to not feeling able to cope and having debts. He lives with his adult son who is not helping him or supporting him either, so feels very alone. We agreed to send him £100 so he could make a small dent in some of his bills and get some food in.

A soon to be mother, who discovered she was expecting twins two weeks before she was given a date for a C-section to have them delivered. She works but doesn’t bring home much money at all, and is totally unprepared and panicking. She is currently dealing with her own mother being seriously unwell and undergoing treatment and doesn’t have much of a support network around her. Our agents have assisted her in applying for the Sure Start grant, as well as applying to the local baby bank for items she might need. We agreed to send her £150 to spend as she sees fit.

A 19-year-old female that has just spent the past few months in a woman’s refuge following an extreme domestic violence situation. Her ex-partner is now in prison following the attack. She is in accommodation now, but it is unfurnished and our agents have applied for help to get some essential items and asked if we could also help out. We agreed to send her £150.

A young expectant mum who is off work ill and therefore not receiving any income at all. She is at threat of homelessness as her landlord is threatening towards her. Our agents are assisting her in submitting a claim for Universal Credit, so she can have her housing benefit paid and therefore secure her home. We agreed to send her £150 so she could buy some food.