Homeless female in need of help and support to stay dry

The female we were approached for help has been street homeless for quite some time. She has issues around alcohol and has been struggling to stay dry. She’d been living in temporary accommodation, but there are rules that your arrears are not allowed to exceed a set limit, so this meant she was at threat of being put back out on to the streets and would lose her support. Our agents had stepped in and found that lack of support had caused this lady to get into the arrears that she had. Closer support has been arranged and it was agreed she would pay her charges weekly as she should have been doing. Hopefully removing this pressure from her will help her to stay dry as the financial pressures and feeling out of control was driving her back to drink again, creating a spiral of self destruction. We as a fund agreed we would send across enough money to clear almost half of the arrears and she would be supported to repay what was left with some budgeting assistance. Hopefully with better support in place she will be able to get her life back on track.

One thought on “Homeless female in need of help and support to stay dry

  1. Wonder how this lady is doing now I understand her situation as have struggled with debt and alcohol addiction in the past . I hope she’s doing better and wish her well

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