Help on a very wet Wednesday!

We helped lots of people today, one who has a stoma fitted, which failed and caused her bed and bedding to become ruined.  Her sister helped her get most cleaned up, but she needed a new mattress topper as the stoma had leaked everywhere, as well as some new bedding.  The lady is due to go back to hospital to have more of her bowel removed and will need to be able to recuperate fully.  Today we heard that she has been out and got what she needed so she knows now she can relax a bit in readiness for her operation.

Another lady who has been in pain and with mobility issues her whole life, which leaves her depressed and often unable to leave her home; has finally been able to get a bed after years of sleeping on the sofa.  She cannot though afford to buy any bedding, so we agreed to send her £50 so she could get what she needed.

We helped a man with £100 to get some food shopping and cover some of his smaller bills.  He lives alone, renting a room in a shared house.  He has recently been diagnosed with renal cancer and has had to give up work while he receives treatment. 

Also we helped a man who has been living and working in the UK for the past 20 years.  He is now estranged from his wife and three children and considered to be here illegally.  Although it is likely he will be prosecuted, it is unlikely he will be deported.  He has fallen into arrears with his rent, etc because he is not permitted to work at the moment.  Our agents are confident this can be resolved as he has never been in trouble or broken the law whilst he has been here and has been a member of his family for over 10 years.  We sent him £75 so he could cover some small bills and buy some food.