Help for young mum following the sudden unexpected death of her husband

We were approached for help for a young mum with a 5 year old daughter. The woman’s husband had gone overseas briefly with friends as part of a celebration, but had suffered a heart attack and died. The woman has no access to money as she works part time and the work is casual, so being off work means she is not paid anything. She is of course trying to emotionally support herself and her daughter, and keep themselves together at such a distressful time. She has the added worry of arranging for her husband’s body to be brought back to the UK. He did not have life insurance, but did have travel insurance, so hopefully transportation will be covered as part of that.

Our agents are going to help her access a funeral grant, and apply for benefits, but she is of course in a highly distressed state at the moment. They asked for financial assistance to help her until the benefits can be sorted out, so we agreed to send across £200 to assist them both.