Domestic abuse survivor needs our help

We were approached for help with a single parent of a 12 year old. The mother is a survivor of domestic abuse. She has had to flee 15 different properties in the past six years. Her ex-partner finds her and the abuse starts again, the last time he injured her so badly she has been left with spinal injuries and mental health issues, due to the trauma of the attack. This has left her unable to work and she has had to apply for benefits. As she has to flee without any notice, there is no time to arrange removals of her furniture and belongings, so she keeps having to start over again. She is in receipt of Employment Support Allowance and is in over £10,000 of debt and is in need of the £90 required to enable a Debt Relief Order to be put in place. We agreed to raise a cheque for that amount and send it to our agents so that they can begin the process on her behalf.