Complications following surgery means man unable to care for himself

Following a surgery to fuse this man’s wrist, in an effort to deal with the constant pain, this man is now having serious complications, resulting in the surgery site constantly reopening and not healing properly.  They are now considering plastic surgery or a skin graft to hopefully encourage the surgery site to heal properly.  At the moment he is unable to cut his food up, dry himself after a shower, or dress properly as he is unable to use this hand and wrist as it goes into spasm.

He was in receipt of DLA and when invited to apply for PIP, he then failed and now is not in receipt of benefits.  Fortunately he still lives at home so his family will make sure he doesn’t starve, but he needs to be able to visit the hospital for appointment, and generally be able to live.  We offered to send him £80 to help him with this.  He has been to the DWP and is currently job searching to see if something suitable comes up, and is also in contact with a debt charity to help him resolve his debt issues.